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Global Artisans

What’s in a name? We recently changed our name from Akonye Kena to Global Artisans. While we love the name Akonye Kena, and what it stands for (‘I will help myself’ in Acholi), it no longer fully encompasses what we do. We’ve grown, we’ve expanded, but we’ve still maintained our focus on working with local artisans, small businesses and community groups. When you look at the diversity of products we now sell - they truly encompass the globe. From the Americas, to Asia, to Africa - we’ve become global in scope.
We feel the name Global Artisans works better to reflect who we’ve become as a company.
We have loads of plans and loads of projects in the works. For example, through House of Embroidery, we’ve recently teamed up with a project in South Africa that uses art as therapy. As we firm up how we are going to use the partnership, we will let everyone know.
We look forward to continuing our journey with you well into the future.
Thank You for your continued support.
Richard Kennair

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