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The obsession with things sheepish is not unique nor even rare. Knitbaahpurl emerged as a result of a mixed recipe: serendipity, hard work, the encouragement of friends and fiber artists (and a certain amount of bewildered optimism).

‚ÄčOur sheep offer playful, gentle, and silly reflections on human experience. The images celebrate the charm of the hand-drawn illustration and continue to be printed on specially chosen papers that are lovely to write on.  In addition to prints, greeting cards, and our Christmas Collection, our images appear on objects that are meant to be both whimsical and functional. Our gift tags are for gift-giving, our Alphabet Cards are popular for defining creative spaces, and our new version of our popular “fiberknotes” notebook is designed to encourage design and creative doodling, the first step from idea to a unique finished project. Our mugs, wineglasses, and t-shirts are also very popular and feature our most popular images, especially “Lay Flat to Dry.”  The desire to produce useful products that also celebrate the joy and humor of wool and sheep culture defines the knitbaahpurl philosophy. 

This company also grew out of a symbolic search for a long-lost childhood toy: a stuffed lamb left behind in my family’s travels to another country. What developed from a 5-year-old’s disappointment was a quiet affection for the connection between sheep and childhood– helped by my mother’s gifts of many sheep toys throughout my life. Eventually, these memories contributed to a passion for creating with wool, for acknowledging the significance of a handmade gift,  and enjoying the the warmth of community with fellow knitters and fiber creators. “Wendy’s Knitting Circle” (see below) is a testament to such warmth and was the first image in the knitbaahpurl collection.

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