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You might wonder why Steve Nabity, CEO and owner, and Greg Gaggini, President, of AccuQuilt are holding a rolling pin. The answer is that everything AccuQuilt has become, started with this simple kitchen tool.

Steve was an engineer working on the invention of a machine that would cut paper shapes. While watching his wife make cookies with the rolling pin, inspiration struck. If a rolling pin could cut cookies, then why wouldn’t a rolling mechanism in his machine cut paper?

He discovered the answer was that it could. AccuCut was born in 1990 and catered to the paper crafting industry. Then Steve discovered that not only would the cutter cut paper, it would cut fabric! AccuQuilt was started in 2008 and has been serving quilters worldwide ever since.

Of course, the original cutters have gone through several iterations since those early days. The company was determined to learn exactly what features quilters wanted and needed. Quilters told us they wanted dies with ¼" seam allowances, dog-eared corners, notches, and more. They asked and AccuQuilt delivered.

We are proud that our fabric cutting systems yield accurate fabric shapes each and every time, and save time for quilters, so they can get right down to the fun part of quilting.

An unexpected benefit of the fabric cutters is that they actually help quiltmakers with a variety of disabilities quilt again. Quilters with arthritis, sight limitations, and other physical ailments were able to continue quilting because of the AccuQuilt cutting systems.

Greg Gaggini summed up AccuQuilt’s feelings about being able to help this group of quilters. “Nothing is more gratifying than hearing from quilters who have told us that we are allowing them to continue to quilt and bringing joy back into their lives.”

The AccuQuilt Team

Employees at AccuQuilt are a team of business professionals who are also quiltmakers and quilt lovers.

The AccuQuilt Dream Studio at AccuQuilt is a fully equipped sewing studio with all of the GO! Cutting Systems, dies, sewing machines and even a HandiQuilter Long Arm Machine. All employees are given two hours a week of paid time to work on their projects.

Employees also attend a company meeting every morning where they can share their “show and tell” projects.

Our Facility

We are located in Omaha, Nebraska in open-concept, state-of-the -art offices. The building features a quilt gallery with exhibits that change about every three months. The gallery is open to the public and we encourage visitors to drop in for a tour.

Our building is easily recognizable. Just look for the 17′ X 17′ quilt block on the outside of the building. This block is replaced each year after our annual Barn Quilt Block Contest.

We hope that you will come see us.

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