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Quilts for Kids


Transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts to comfort children facing serious illness, injury or trauma.


A Letter from the Founder

It seems like only yesterday that I discovered a wealth of discontinued fabric samples from a Design Center in Philadelphia, being sent to landfill. It bothered me to know that we were tossing discontinued fabric samples into landfills, so I decided to start this charity.

In those days, it never occurred to me that we would be an international organization today. I was only looking to save some fabric samples from landfill. I was assured by friends that this was a dumb idea and no one would make quilts for some stranger’s child let alone do it free! Well, 18 years later we have saved MILLIONS  of pounds of fabric samples from landfills and in the process, comforted hundreds of thousands of children in need, globally, with quilts and other items.

It is YOU, our wonderful volunteer quilters, who have proved those naysayers wrong, YOU have given from your hearts and helped to turn tears into smiles for hundreds of thousands of children that you never even knew existed. Our goal continues to be donating 30,000 yearly. Thank you for always coming to the need of the children we seek to comfort. Your quilts make a difference in their lives.

UPDATE: A turning point for QFK was 2007. Manufacturers took their business off shore to China, South Korea, and Japan. Domestic cottons were no more. Those wonderful 18-wheelers loaded with donated fabric were not coming our way any longer. We needed to find funding to purchase fabric.  The fabric companies that had always supported us gave us reduced prices when they could and sent us discontinued samples to enable us to continue comforting children in need. Even the heavyweight fabrics have become quilts that are sent near and far. Some go overseas to orphaned children in developing countries who use them as beds. We are proud to continue our work with Lutheran World Relief.


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