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As a spin off operation from Wonderful Network Limited, an international company manufacturing an extensive range of yarn and thread products, WonderFil Specialty Threads focuses on the development of specialty threads that are unique in their textures, qualities, exceptional sewabilities and visual appeals which had been largely neglected before.

Originated from Canada, WonderFil Specialty Threads can be found in your local quilt shops, sewing centres, exhibitions, guilds, conventions, longarm businesses as well as online stores in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Netherlands. For store information, please visit our website www.wonderfil.ca. We do encourage you to buy your WonderFil products from the participating retailers - our business partners.

Given the expanding availability, we are still facing frequent and persistent requests from WonderFil lovers from rural or suburban areas who are only able to access to the full line and complete color range of WonderFil Specialty Threads by attending our participating shows, www.wonderfilonline.com is officially launched in April 2009 to take care of the need of our loyal yet deprived quilters, embroiderers, sewers, needlecrafters as well as our overseas customers where local dealership has not been fully established.

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