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Piedmont Yarn and Apparel

Merchandise: Spinning,Yarn

(510) 595-9595

4171 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 102
Oakland, CA 94611

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Shop Comments

  • Jenny on 3/31/2008:

    I love this store for so many reasons. I am an avid knitter and I can find the most beautiful yarns here for good prices. I also sell my knitwear in this store and have had a great experience doing that. The people who work there are willing to help you with projects and nice to chat with. It is a much needed store in an area that loves to knit. many of the yarns are from cooperatives that help women be economically secure in third world countries so you can feel good about buying the yarn. They have many services I do not think other stores have such as a recycled yarn bin and a way to borrow knitting needles. Go see for your self. It is a treat.

  • on 4/11/2008:

    I agree with Jenny that the Piedmont Yarn and Apparel shop in Oakland, CA is a great store. I like the variety of high quality yarns. I like the environment of the store; it is colorful, warm and inviting. Bente, the owner, is very patient and helpful with my novice knitting questions. This is important to me because I always detected an attitude of superiority at other yarn shops (like the one in Montclair). There are great classes, some of which are even free. I like the fact that you can buy completed apparel. I know that I'm supporting the art of a hand-crafts and local and globals artisans when I shop there.

  • Robin on 4/26/2008:

    Nice little store with a wide selection of yarn and roving I have not seen anywhere else. I like the fact that most of the yarns are natural. There are lots of cottons and organic yarns. Worth a visit.